Gepost door: christaa1992 | 12 juli 2010

Interview met Nina

FearNet heeft een interview gepost met Nina Dobrev. Ze praat over haar vriendschap met Paul Wesley en Ian Somerhalder, over het spelen van Katherine en Elena, over Elena’s verandering door het seizoen heen en over wat ze hoopt voor het tweede seizoen.

How would you describe Elena and the journey she’s on at this point in the show?

We just found out who my mother is, and we’ve found out that she’s alive, and somewhere out there, but she doesn’t want me to look for her. So Elena’s having this conflict and she’s trying to figure it out. She thought her parents were dead, and they are. But then she found out that she has another relative that’s actually out there and living and thriving. And the fact that she doesn’t want her to meet her is unsettling, and it kind of makes you feel like you’re being abandoned. In a way, Elena has been abandoned. But I think she’s not gonna give up. Elena’s not somebody who tends to give up. She’s gonna keep fighting and keep looking. She’s trying to be normal and trying to function in this supernatural world that she has now discovered she lives in. Although now that the tomb has been opened there’s all these vampires running around, and they pose a huge threat. But she’s trying to stay out of it for the time being. But who knows how successful she’ll be? Probably not very, given her history and track record and luck. She’s always caught between all the vampires. [Laughs.]

Lees het hele interview hier


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