Gepost door: christaa1992 | 23 april 2010

Recap aflevering 19: Miss Mystic Falls

This week in Mystic Falls, Stefan’s nasty blood habit has gotten so out of control that maybe it’s time for an intervention. But first, it’s time for the Founder’s Ball, the annual bash where the town’s teenage hotties get their hair did and compete for the Miss Mystic Falls crown! More importantly, we all love Stefan and Elena’s mushy romance — but are the seeds of a love triangle being sewn as “Delena” (that’s Damon + Elena, duh) heats up?

Human blood-drinking Stefan is showing his flashier side, driving up to school in his bright red hot rod while all the kids stare. Who does he think he is, Edward Cullen? He greets Elena and tells her that the worst of his cravings are over– but then why does he have a secret stash of blood bags in his trunk?

Sheriff Forbes reports another theft of blood bags to the council, which has come to her attention thanks to Uncle John, who proposes that he and Damon team up to launch an investigation. Damon grudgingly agrees, since the rest of the council has no idea what he and Uncle John know about each other.

Bonnie’s back in school! But something’s weird about her. Her lip gloss isn’t shining as bright or something. Meanwhile, Anna pays Damon a visit and apologizes for everything that happened to Stefan in the woods on behalf of her mom. Pearl’s army of forest-dwelling tomb vampires has been basically dismantled and now it’s just back to the two of them and Harper. Damon accuses her of pulling the blood bank jobs, but Anna tells him her vampire posse isn’t responsible.

Lees hier de hele recap


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