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SpoilersTV spoilers

Een paar spoilers op een rijtje:

IMDB has Kayla Ewall listed for episodes 21,22 and all of season 2 is she coming back?

IMDB is wrong currently there are no plans to bring her back.

What happened to Bonnie’s cousin?

Bonnie wasn’t originally supposed to be absent for so long but they decided to cancel the plotline with her cousin at least for now. That lead to the big Bonnie hiatus, she will be back next episode though and will be in every episode till the season finale.

Is the Tyler werewolf plotline going to go somewhere anytime soon?

Unfortunately, Tyler won’t even be in the next two episodes, the episode after that is all about Isobel and then theres just the season finale so they really have no time to truely explore the werewolf plot this season, but you can be sure that it will be a major plotline in season 2!

Did Kelly Donovan leave?

Yes, that subplot is done for now, Matt is also taking a break for the next two episodes.

I miss the flashback episodes are we getting another one?

Yes episode 20 includes lots of flashbacks with Katherine and co.

I miss Bonnie, any scoop on her?

The Bonnie that returns next week is a changed person, the death of her grandmother deeply affected her. Look for things to get really tense between her and Stefan as she goes all out against their relationship.

Will the identity of Elena’s biological father be addressed?

The show will explore the possibility of John Gilbert being Elena’s father.

Is the season finale going to end in a big twist?

There will be several HUGE shockers in the finale. According to TVGUIDE there will be nine “oh my God” moments in the season finale


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