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Een hele hoop spoilers, verzameld door


•In an interview with The CW, Ian Somerhalder revealed that his on-screen brother Stefan was actually a bad boy growing up and may do something that he’s not proud of…say drink human blood again.
•Since we still have yet to see how Damon and Stefan actually died or how the 27 vampires got trapped, exec producer Julie Plec tells that “there will be one more flashback episode this year” that will provide more answers on that.
•Fancast hints that fans are going to witness just how angry some of the vampires from the tomb are, and that at least one of them will exact revenge on Stefan.


•Elena’s friendship with Bonnie will be tested when “Bonnie decides whether she’s down with vampires or not.”
•Fans who want Elena and Damon to hook up will have wait because exec producer Julie Plec reveals to Entertainment Weekly that the “show is cemented in a love triangle over the whole run of the series and right now we’re very much embedded in the pure love [of] Stefan and Elena.” Series creator Kevin Williamson adds that the show “is always going to be about Stefan and Elena. It has to be. They’re soul mates.”


•Damon will eventually act like a big brother to Stefan. Executive producer Julie Plec reveals that the show is going to “explore the flip-flop of the dynamic between the brothers because, for the first half of the season, it’s been very much about Stefan managing Damon and dealing with Damon, and Stefan is going to go through something that is going to put Damon in a situation where he suddenly has to finally step up and act like a big brother and take care of Stefan.”


•According to, Bonnie’s cousin, Lucy, is arriving in Mystic Falls. Described as a “beautiful flirt who’s also smarter than your average college coed,” Lucy is likely to catch the attention of several local vampires.


Leighton Meester and Nina Dobrev to pull a switcheroo? The CW’s Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries executive producers have promised to “work on” getting these real-life friends (who met while filming the upcoming horror flick The Roommate) guest star on each other’s shows. GG and VD exec Bob Levy told E! Online: “We’re gonna work on that. You have my word.” Sounds fun, and Blair Waldorf the ancient vampiress out for vengeance isn’t much of a stretch at all. (E! Online)


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