Gepost door: christaa1992 | 16 april 2010

David Anders, geïnterviewd door TV Guide

David Anders, de man die Johnathan Gilbert speelt sinds de aflevering van gisteravond, gaf een interview met TV Guide. Zie hieronder:

How did all those inscrutable accents come about?
It was Alias that did that to me. It was my first job—I was only 20—and it lasted a long time. It was a part that I auditioned for with four different accents, none of which was English. And [executive producer] J.J. Abrams told me the first day of filming that I’d be English and would that be a problem? What was I going to say? “No, I can’t do it. Take the part back!”

Who’s your latest character we love to hate?
He’s John Gilbert, the uncle of Elena and Jeremy, their father’s brother. He and Aunt Jenna have history. He’s a smug, overconfident individual who’s toying with everybody in Mystic Falls. [Laughs] Nobody likes Uncle John.

Why is John back in town?
He’s a vampire slayer of a sort. He knows more than he should about vampires and holds the information over Damon’s and Stefan’s heads so they can help me when I need them. Damon and John have a lot of good scenes. He’s not afraid of Damon, because for some reason, he can’t hurt John.

Who are his allies?
The town council is eating out of his hand. He’s one of the town’s favorite sons who’s returned.

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