Gepost door: christaa1992 | 14 april 2010

Interview met Sean Farris

“Spray” interviewde Sean Farris. Allemaal onnozele vragen die nergens op slaan, maar wel erg grappig!

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Occasionally, Hecklerspray’s plucky explorers set out into the wilderness to infiltrate the minds of the most intricate creatures of all: The Celebrity.

So, in typical style, we ask 15 of the most irrelevant questions we can think of. Our latest subject is Never Back Down’s main legs, teeth and fists, Sean Faris, currently to be seen in Ghost Machine, on DVD from April 12.

Spray: Describe yourself, Sean Faris.

Sean Faris: A city boy with country roots – I grew up in Houston, Texas. I try not to take too many things too seriously. I try and have a good time and live my life.

Spray: What’s your face been in?

SF: I guess they would know me from the film Never Back Down. I also did a little arc on The Vampire Diaries and I’m currently shooting a project called The Damn Thorpes which is absolutely awesome. It’s a great project to work on.

‘Spray: When was the last time you swore at someone?

SF: About ten minutes ago. I believe it was the F-word. I don’t know if I swore at them, I just kinda swore. Directly at somebody?… I think that was about ten minutes ago, ‘fuck off’ but it wasn’t like in anger.

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