Gepost door: christaa1992 | 12 april 2010

Interview van Candice Accola met

Candice vertelt in dit interview over haar rol, dat ze erg intiem moet zijn met Zach, over haar zangcarriere en over de break van twee maanden tot het filmen van seizoen twee. Een gedeelte van het interview:

IESB: With such talented people behind the camera as well as in front of it, did you realize early on that you were making something special that was going to connect with viewers, or was the show’s huge success just totally surprising to you?

Candice: I feel like the answer should be that it was totally surprising, but it wasn’t. Everyone collectively put their best foot forward, when it came to shooting the pilot and shooting the show. Everyone comes to work with their game face on and everyone wants to see this succeed because everyone genuinely cares. We all work on the show, and we’re doing the seasons finale, but we’re still scrambling for the scripts. We’re just as attached to the work as the viewers are. It’s surprising and exciting, but we were just more hopeful. I never sat there and was like, “Oh, we’ve got this one in the bag,” but there was just such a great comradery and so much heart and soul put into the pilot, and everyone genuinely cared and worked so hard, that I really hoped it would come out the other end and shine, and it did. I could not be more grateful to be a part of it.

Lees het hele interview hier  (ze heeft op de foto rood haar!)


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