Gepost door: christaa1992 | 11 april 2010

Interview van Ian met Scarlet Magazine

Een lang interview van Ian met Scarlet Magazine, een tijdschrift uit the UK.

For ladies still mourning Boone’s departure from Lost, there’s hope. Ian Somerhalder – the actor behind Boone – is back on our screens and sexier than ever as The Vampire Diaries’ vengeful Damon. We got a bite-sized interview with him…

What’s the deal with Damon?
He feels he’s been badly wronged, and wants revenge and redemption. Imagine having one true love, who you’ve spent 140 years figuring out how to get back, and then she comes within arms’ reach and you lose her again. That would suck. So he has ill-intent but with righteous reasons. That’s a fucking dangerous situation. Look at the world: there’s a lot of ill-intent right now but for righteous reasons.

Do you believe in having ‘one true love’?
You find that one person where you go, “Wow!”. I’m a hopeless romantic. I’ve been with my girlfriend for three years and I’ve no intention of getting out of it for another 60.

Have you ever had your heart broken?
As far as women go, no. I’ve had my heart broken in other ways, though – by the deception of friends or family members.

What’s the best part about playing Damon?
It’s so much fun. I’m not a violent person at all, I’m really passive, but Damon’s so powerful and, as humans, we’re sickly drawn to that. The girls like the bad boy and the boys like the bad girl.

Would you want to be immortal?
No way! Life’s about the relationships that we have. It’s not about just us. We have a certain amount of time to do things. If we were immortal, it would never end.

Why are vampires so hot?
They’re sexy, dangerous and beautiful, and that draws [people] to them. There’s something about them [being] non-human that allows the characters to do things that we can’t do, and there’s a lot of escapism in that.

Have you seen Twilight?
I haven’t, because I don’t want it to influence any ideals of my own performance.

What do you think of people discussing who’s the hottest vampire?
Robert Pattinson’s a handsome sucker. Every girl in the world wants that guy, so good for him.

We hear fans have asked you to bite them. What do you think about that?
It’s pretty funny! I mean, it’s cute and endearing, but it’s also illegal.

Are you making a return to Lost?
That’s the idea.

Can you give us any inside goss?
No. I wish. Damon Lindelof [executive producer and writer for the show] would cut off my arm!


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