Gepost door: christaa1992 | 8 april 2010

Scoops Tyler en Stefan!

Nieuwe verhalen gaan de ronde over Stefan en Tyler. Michael Ausiello beantwoordt vragen die mensen ingezonden hebben. 

Question: Are we ever going to see more of Vampire Diaries‘ werewolf, Tyler? He’s been surprisingly absent since that foreboding full moon. —Marz
“I think it is more interesting to keep [his inner werewolf] hidden or suppressed,” says exec producer Kevin Williamson, “and instead play out his aggression and daddy issues and things that are associated with a wolf without making him a wolf.” The werewolf card will eventually be played because “wherever there are vampires, there are usually wolves nearby,” notes Williamson. “My biggest concern is what the weekly special effect is going to look like. That takes careful preparation and a lot of money and some testing. We’re working on it now to figure out what we can do that won’t just look stupid. And they have to still be sexy — because, let’s face it, we cast these beautiful people for a reason.”

Question: I need Vampire Diaries scoop, please! —Vanessa
Ian Somerhalder predicts that Team Damon will experience a surge in popularity as the season winds down. “I think we are going to find out more about Stefan that might make fans switch teams,” he says. “He isn’t all goodie-two-shoes hero-boy.”


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