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L. J. Smiths Stefan’s Diaries

Behalve The Vampire Diaries gaat L.J. Smith gaat nu ook Stefan’s Diaries schrijven. Dit zal gaan over het leven van Stefan vóór The Vampire Diaries. Hij lijkt erop dat deze serie eerder uit zal komen dan het laatste deel van Night World.
De blog van L.J. Smith die al wat door liet schemeren:

This is just a test of my blog, which I’ve never been able to get to so easily before…an obvious herald of disaster. If anyone wants to know what I’ve been doing I’ll put it in a new blog posting . . . if this works . . . if I can get back. In case not: Forbidden Game comes out in June. After that, a new Vampire Diaries trilogy . . . And finally, finally then Strange Fate. I’m doing triffic, except that I have to write too much every day. A little less would be perfect. But who has perfect?

En UK Publisher die de rechten heeft genomen voor de nieuwe Trilogy vertelt:

Hodder bites into three Vampire Diaries prequels Hodder Children’s Books is to publish three new titles in L. J. Smith’s Vampire Diaries series, which is currently being televised on ITV2 in the UK.

The new books by L. J. Smith will be prequels to the original books and will be called Vampire Diaries: ­Stefan’s Diaries.

Hodder has seen a dramatic rise in L. J. Smith’s sales across a number of her series, with her sales topping £3.2m in 2009 and reaching £1.2m so far this year.

The demand for gothic romance YA fiction led Hodder to republish a number of L. J. Smith’s titles from its backlist. These included the first four Vampire Diaries titles, which it published in 2001. Hodder also first published L. J. Smith’s Nightworld series in 1997 and the Secret Circle titles in 2002, relaunching both series in 2009 and 2010.


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