Gepost door: christaa1992 | 8 april 2010

Interview Matt Davis

Hier is een fragment uit een interview met Matt Davis, die Alaric speelt in de serie. Hij laat nog wat los over komende aflevering!

PW: I’m curious, you’ve had great roles in the last 10 years — is there one you get recognized most often for?
Matt: I think the most consistent thing I hear is, “Oh my God, how do I know you? Did we go to school together?” [laughs] Eventually they get around to asking, “Were you on a TV show?” That’s when I say, “I don’t know if you saw ‘Legally Blonde,’ but..” — “YES! that’s it! You’re Warner!” I would say that Warner is definitely more famous than I am.

PW: Well, I’m sure that’s bound to change with your role as Alaric on “Vampire Diaries.”
Matt: Working on that show has been such a phenomenal pleasure. I’ve been so blessed and so lucky. I don’t know how I’ve been working for 10 years, but someone up there likes me – and this is one of those projects that you can just tell the stars are aligned about.

PW: You delivered the biggest shock of the season for me the other week when I thought Damon killed Alaric!
Matt: [laughs] You know, I would have been nervous reading the script if I didn’t know that I had a contract in place. So I felt pretty confident that they wouldn’t kill me.

PW: I like that he’s still extremely mysterious — are we going to learn more about him as season one winds down?
Matt: Oh, absolutely. That’s all going to come to focus starting next week. Like a colossal “bing!” and all his connections to all the other characters, which are very surprising, will come to the surface. I will say that Alaric makes a very unlikely ally in the show.

PW: And I’m hearing the season finale is going to be jam-packed with cliffhangers?
Matt: Oh yeah, absolutely. It’s going to be ridiculous. We haven’t seen the script, but you start to hear the rumblings and from what I’ve been hearing it’s going to be very intense.

Lees het volledige interview hier


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