Gepost door: christaa1992 | 7 april 2010

Interview van Paul met CBS Watch Magazine

Paul is goed bezig! Er staat in het blad Watch! Magazine ook een interview met hem. Samen met Matt Lanter (kennen we als Liam in 90210!) en Schaun Sipos is hij een van de drie jonge achteurs die ze “Hot Off the Screen” noemen. Bovendien staan er twee hele mooie foto’s bij.

Een deel uit het artikel:

With his Eastern European good looks and independent spirit, Paul Wesley—né Pavo Wasilewski—seems a natural choice to play a magnetic and enigmatic vampire.

That is, perhaps, until you realize that this so-called creature of the night really hails from the land of all-night diners: New Jersey. “Not so mysterious now, huh?” jokes the 27-year-old actor, who plays heroic bloodsucker Stefan Salvatore on The CW’s hit series The Vampire Diaries.

First bitten by the acting bat while doing elementary school plays in his hometown of Marlboro, Wesley had by age 17 landed an agent and regular roles on Another World and then Guiding Light. “I would show up on set, this naive young kid, and would be so intimidated by everybody who had been doing the show for so long,” he remembers. Eventually skipping so many classes to report to work—and to recover from late nights spent discovering Manhattan—Wesley eked his way through a combination of public and private high schools. But of the three years he spent on the two soap operas, learning to memorize lines and get comfortable in front of the camera, he explains, “those were my study years.”

Lees het volledige artikel hier

En dan de foto’s:


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