Gepost door: christaa1992 | 7 april 2010

Cosmogirl! stelt vijf vragen aan Zach Roerig

Cosmogirl! mocht vijf vragen stellen aan Zach Roerig, die Matt Donovan speelt in de serie. Hier een stukje:

One of the best parts of tuning into The Vampire Diaries each week is watching our favorite jock Matt Donovan as played by Zach Roerig! He may be mortal, but he’s still a drool worthy part of the show. We couldn’t wait to get to know Zach better β€” so read on!

Cosmogirl: How are you and your character Matt Donovan alike?

Zach Roerig: I would like to think I am quite similar to Matt in terms of his protectiveness as well as his general good-heartedness, although I don’t think I have near the temperament that he shows at times. I know it’s cheesy, but as fictional characters go he’s a pretty solid role model.

CG: How do you feel about all the comparisons that The Vampire Diaries gets to Twilight?

ZR: The Twilight comparisons don’t bother me at all, as we both obviously deal with a similar subject matter. With that being said, there’s certainly room for us to coexist in the same genre without stepping on each other’s toes. The Vampire Diaries has a week-to-week basis to throw in twists and turns and develop the story, which I think helps our audience connect with the characters on a deeper level than what I think Twilight is capable of doing.

Lees het artikel hier


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